Genomics tools

Quality control


Name Version Galaxy wrapper
CD-HIT [5][11] 4.6.4 cdhit
Format CD-HIT output   format_cd_hit_output

Sorting and Prediction

Name Version Galaxy wrapper
SortMeRNA [6] 2.1b sortmerna
FragGeneScan [12] 1.30 fraggenescan

Similarity search and alignment

Name Version Galaxy wrapper
NCBI BLAST [2][3] 2.2.30 ncbi_blast_plus
Diamond [1] 0.8.24 diamond
HMMER3 [4] 3.1b2 hmmer3


Name Version Galaxy wrapper
BWA [9][10][8] 0.7.12 bwa
Bowtie2 [7] 2.3.2 bowtie2


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