Tutorials and interactive tours

We are caring about training. So we are working in close collaboration with the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) to develop training materials of data analyses based on Galaxy. These materials hosted on the GTN GitHub repository are available online at http://training.galaxyproject.org.


We then developed several tutorials with hands-one about metagenomics:

Analyses of metagenomics data - The global picture

This tutorial introduces the amplicon and shotgun data analyses with the general principles behind and the differences.

16S Microbial Analysis with Mothur

In this tutorial the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for MiSeq data, developed by the creators of the Mothur software package, is perfomed within Galaxy.

These tutorials can be run on ASaiM. We used then during several workshops on metagenomics data analysis using ASaiM as training support.

These tutorials are also accessible directly from ASAiM.

Interactive tours

To complement these tutorials, interactive tours have been developed and integrated inside ASaiM. Such tours guide users through an entire analysis in an interactive (step-by-step) way.


Example of tour for the “Analyses of metagenomics data - The global picture” tutorial

Some tours, included in every Galaxy instance, are also here to explain how to use Galaxy, the history, …

All the tours can be accessed inside Galaxy:

  • Click on ‘Help’ (top panel)
  • Click on ‘Interactive Tours’
  • Choose the tours you want
  • Enjoy!