Workflow to analyze raw metagenomic/metatranscriptomic sequences from microbiotaΒΆ

Extraction of useful information from raw microbiota sequences is a complex process with numerous steps.


Workflow to process microbiota data from raw sequences to taxonomic, functional and taxonomically-related functional assignations

All steps and parameters are detailed in the tutorial.

This workflow produces accurate and precise taxonomic assignations, multi-level functional results and taxonomically-related metabolism information, as described in the validation section.

This workflow is built for single-end raw sequences. If you want to analyze paired-end sequences, we advise you to assemble them using one of available tool for paired-end assembly.

HUMAnN2 databases have to be downloaded before running this workflow. It must be done once. Check the framework usage for more information.

This workflow is not automatically added to the Galaxy instance. Check out how to add it.