Transform the history of tool execution into a workflowΒΆ

The whole analysis process is complex and error-prone. Indeed, if you want to analyze a new dataset with same analysis process, you need to reconfigure each tool with correct input, correct parameters, correct databases, ...

To enhance reproducibility, workflows can be generated and shared inside a Galaxy environment. Workflows model data flow between several tools and processes. Their use is intuitive. They can be built from scratch or from an history.

In our case, we have processed a dataset with several step. We want to extract the corresponding workflow to reproduce analyses in a new dataset, for example.

To use workflow, you need to be registered on the instance (top panel):


Registration is only local (you could use whatever id and password).

Then to extract workflow from history, you click on History options on right panel and then on Extract workflow. It will fill central panel with workflow steps and attributes:


You can then modify workflow name and create it. It will then appear in Workflow section, accessible from top panel. You can then edit, share, ... it