Visualization, statistics and comparative analysis toolsΒΆ

Subsection Tool Galaxy wrapper
Name Version Subtools Name Revision
Visualize data Export2GraPhlAn 0.19   export2graphlan d7cf3b50a074
GraPhlAn 0.9.7 GraPhlAn to produce graphical output of an input tree graphlan 83baf73b0e79
Generation, personalization and annotation of tree for GraPhlAn
KRONA 2.6.0   taxonomy_krona_chart f11a04ed443b
Plot barplot with R 0.1.0   plot_barplot 7e3103db022d
Plot grouped barplot with R 0.1.0   plot_grouped_barplot 6c9aac0d6ca2
Plot generic X-Y plot with R 0.1.0   plot_generic_x_y_plot 5118d839acae
Histogram of a numeric column 1.0.3   histogram cdb9e89e2970
Compute statistics Correlation for numeric columns 1.0.0   correlation 24e01abf9e34
Compute Wilcoxon test with R 0.1.0   compute_wilcoxon_test 2a8acb4c0afc