Preprocessing tools

Raw sequences data need to be pretreated (quality, assembly, sorting, ...) to facilitate downstream analyses. Actually, metagenomic and metatranscriptomic datasets are complex and not only sequencing, but also data analysis costs. Sequence pretreatments may reduce this complexity and inherent misinterpretation of these data.

The necessary data treatments highly depends on the data and technologies used to generate them. The following guide and the proposed treatments should ensure that the data are not too bad. However, there is no “one-size-fits all” solution.

Before any taxonomic or functional assignations, the sequences have to pre-processed with several step.

Subsection Tool Galaxy wrapper
Name Version Subtools Name Revision
Assemble paired-end sequences FastQ joiner [2] 1.0.1   fastq_paired_end_joiner 6a7f5da7c76d
FastQ-join [1] 1.1.2-806   fastq_join 8ec3dfde378b
Control quality FastQC (Documentation) 0.67   fastqc 3a458e268066
PRINSEQ [7] 0.20.4   prinseq 6b865dde1baa
VSEARCH Tool Suite VSEARCH [6] 1.9.7 Alignment vsearch 576963db5f1b
Chimera detection
Cluster sequences CD-HIT [3][5] 4.6.4 CD-HIT EST cdhit 54d811ad2b52
Format cd-hit outputs     format_cd_hit_output 4015e9d6d277
Sort rRNA/rDNA SortMeRNA [4] 2.1b   sortmerna 59252ca85c74


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